Relationship Strategies that we offer

Hourly: Any type of project: Large or Small

  • If you have a project that does not yet have a solid design or goal
  • An overwhelmed staff – We can help alleviate some of your load
  • Use as an on-demand basis (i.e. need a quick custom tool or automation process)


  • If you have a project that is well defined (i.e. detailed specifications completed), we can offer a fixed-price contract to cover everything to bring your project to reality, from beginning to end.
  • Controlled budgeted costs.
  • Scheduled project timelines
  • Regular payments throughout contract until completion
  • Milestones demonstrated at regular intervals until completion

Retainer Agreements:

  • If you want to keep a project moving with regular development work, or if you just want our services on your own timeframe, we offer retainer agreements, or chunks of time, at discounted rates.
  • Controlled budgeted costs.
  • Helps to control costs and budgets
  • If you have a general project plan, but the scope is flexible or fluid, you can still proceed with your project in a dedicated fashion
  • You are outsourcing many pieces of a large project. This can help you with one of those pieces.
  • You need on-going development of an existing system
  • Lack your own programming staff for internal as-needed work