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    A system was developed to record radio scanner activity to a historical database and provide a web interface to review, search and listen to the recorded activity.

    • Initial intention was to record fire calls

    • Can record nearly any frequency.

    • Created by interfacing with radio scanner, software services to read/save audio data, generate waveform image, database, etc.

    • Developed using Microsoft technologies, scripting languages and more.

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    A highly graphical, easy-to-use web application to provide clients a step-by-step configuration of prescription plans for two major product lines. An easy-to-use dynamic and graphic-intensive web application was created that provides “wizard” or “step-by-step” product selection capabilities.
    Extensive features including:

    • Multiple-language support

    • Graphics/documents/media content

    • Many user selectable options

    • Extensive administration/content management functions

    Developed and hosted with Microsoft technologies

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    Dynamic web application to provide enhanced product search and selection capabilities as well as detailed product information was developed.
    Application features:

    • Multiple languages

    • Administrative accessible content management

    It was also developed to interface with the company’s online ordering system

    Developed and hosted with Microsoft technologies.

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UnlimiDev has always pushed the envelope in terms of custom application programming, business intelligence reporting, and IT infrastructure planning. 

Andreas Schumacher
Andreas Schumacher, Ph.D., Marketing Manager, Ivoclar Vivadent

I have used UnlimiDev on many projects and have nothing but great things to say about them and their work.

John Sanborn
John Sanborn, IT Director, WILLCARE

From a technology perspective, UnlimiDev listens to our ideas and needs; they turn those ideas and manual functions into automated services that are highly scalable and resilient.

Mike Ferger
Mike Ferger, Manager End User Technology, M&T Bank

UnlimiDev has a unique skillset that enables them to come into any IT situation and optimize manual processes with new tools that take a fraction of the time.

Tony Montibello
Tony Montibello, Developer, M&T Bank
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